(Photo credit: Gregory Urquiaga/UC Davis)

Prospective Undergraduate Students

Whether you would like to volunteer your time or earn credit toward an internship, we welcome the support of undergraduate students in the Animal Behavior and Cognition Lab. Tasks may include animal handling, experiment construction, data collection, and video coding. Please contact Dr. Horback at kmhorback@ucdavis.edu providing a cover letter and resume to hear of current opportunities.

Department of Animal Science Undergraduate Internships


Prospective Graduate Students

The Horback Lab is currently accepting new graduate students through the Animal Behavior Graduate Group (PhD only) and Animal Biology Graduate Group (PhD and MS).

If interested in joining us, please contact Dr. Kristina Horback at kmhorback@ucdavis.edu and include your CV, GPA, GRE scores, and a summary of your background and long-term career goals.


(Photo credit: Gregory Urquiaga/UC Davis).