Current Volunteers

Project: Image analysis for quantifying facial expressions in dairy cattle
Donna Li


Project: Effect of rearing environment on the development of depth perception in egg-laying hens
Chloe Cheuk


Project: Personality Traits in Beef Cattle and how they Relate to Grazing Distribution on Extensive Rangelands
Renee Lau
Sara Clarkson
Yi (Linda) Ren

Current Undergrad Projects

Donna Li

Donna Li

Animal Biology – Class of 2022

Independent Project: Developing and validating image analysis tools to quantify sow facial biometrics


Elizabth Avila Zamora

Elizabeth Avila Zamora

Animal Biology – Class of 2020

Independent Project: Using a visual cliff to compare head angles of laying hens reared in varying housing complexities


Angelica Martinez

Angelica Martinez

Animal Science – Class of 2021

Independent Project: The effect of rearing environment complexity on laying hen jumping behavior



Joshua Liu

Animal Science – Class of 2020
Animal Science Honors Program

Independent Project: Investigating the validity of pairwise feeding motivation tests as a reliable method of establishing social hierarchies in group-housed sows.