Current Undergrad Projects

Donna Li

Donna Li

Animal Biology, B.S. – Class of 2022

Independent Project: Developing and validating image analysis tools to quantify sow facial biometrics


Hannah Blackwell

Animal Science, B.S. – Class of 2022

University Honors Project: Validation of a panting score in sheep 


Isabella Loomis-Howard

Animal Science, B.S. – Class of 2022

University Honors Project: Does visual priming of pleasant or unpleasant animal-based images influence college student opinion of animal-product consumption?


Shayna Doyle

Animal Science – Class of 2018
University Honors Program

Behavioral and physiological measurements of stress in sheep

Joshua Liu

Animal Science – Class of 2020
Animal Science Honors Program

Investigating the validity of pairwise feeding motivation tests as a reliable method of establishing social hierarchies in group-housed sows.

Elizabth Avila Zamora

Elizabeth Avila Zamora

Animal Biology – Class of 2020

Using a visual cliff to compare head angles of laying hens reared in varying housing complexities


Angelica Martinez

Angelica Martinez

Animal Science – Class of 2021

The effect of rearing environment complexity on laying hen jumping behavior