Department of Animal Science, UC Davis

Author: cgmcvey

A History of Diversity in Animal Science

Author: Claire Jones


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Horback Lab Well Represented at 2019 Undergraduate Research Conference

Countless hours on the farm and coding videos culminated in not one but five presentations by our undergraduates at the 2019 UC Davis Undergraduate Research Conference. Well done guys! You do clean up nice!

Abstracts can be read here

Joshua Liu

“Validating the Feeding Competition Test as a Proxy for Social Dominance in Group-Housed Gestating Sows”

Ashley Shuen

“Examining the stress-buffering effects of social contact in pre-weaning piglets”

Patrick Cogo

“Individual Variation in Ewe Maternal Attentiveness in Response to Stressful Management Events”

Katherina Thiesen

“Olfactory Enrichment for Captive Jaguars”

Ariel Escalante

“Designing an Enriched Enclosure for Zoo-Housed Giraffes”